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They have a bigger say than EN. They are only supposed to do translations. But right now I see them doing more than they should. Anyhow, I think I will post some of my old poetry and other things I’ve written in the past. I’m inspired because I’ve seen a lot more poetry and creative writing posted here than I’ve seen at Squidoo, so maybe this is a better forum for it. And though writing is one of my niches, I have several others..

Sorry to be a buzzkill on a holiday weekend: Fireworks significantly increase air pollution, causing the air on the night of the Fourth of July to be 42 percent worse on average across the United States than any other day during the year, according to a recent study in Atmospheric Environment. On Independence Day than other days in July. And, while it’s worst during fireworks displays, the air quality actually stays pretty bad into the morning of July 5 (it eases up by noon, though).

In 2012, Erik van Sebille of the University of New South Wales in Australia and colleagues confirmed this suspicion by using a network of around 20,000 satellite tracked buoys. They found that there are six major patches of plastic garbage in the oceans: five in the subtropical seas, and one more high up in the Arctic Barents Sea that was previously unknown. And crucially, this work revealed how the plastic migrates between the patches over long timescales.

First let’s be realistic as well, we always want to win all our bets but sometime the team might fail you or external factors can greatly change the outcome of the game. There is no real short cut to this kind of information. In sports betting odds, the odds are made not by the common people.

They had gotten coccidia and stopped producing marketable kittens (because they all had violent diarreah!) so they were put 5 9 cats per tiny one level rabbit cage and were put in a shed in the middle of winter! Anyway, as far as the cage goes I was happy with it and so were the cats. I took out the rugs and put blankets in their place that I’d wash whenever they got dirty. Depending on the cats involved this cage could be appropriate for 1 5, thogh I admit five is pushing it (the sphynxes benefitted more from not being separated then they would have ifI had them separated into two cagesso use common sense when figuring out your situation.)The one pictured is coated.

We have fundraising goals as a chapter that we like to meet and exceed but you don have to donate if you don like it. And the way we bid comes down to how many people you met during rush week and what kind of impression you made, that it. (I can speak for sororities cause I never went through that obviously.

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“She’s a local talent. She was a down home spirit. She didn’t put herself above anybody even though she was the Queen of Soul. Put in Work . I not saying quit school and start stripping or selling drugs, I saying go out there and get a 10 to 15 hours a week job to help you get some cash. Most of us will spend most of our life working, so get started and learn the value of money.

Identify the problem. This should be easy but, in reality, it can be tricky. Take health care reform, for example. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDating as far back as Nanook of the North (1922), filmmakers have been using harsh landscapes to generate dramatic fireworks. Who needs juicy dialogue or ornate sets when the sight of man (or woman) struggling in the wild provides enough visceral thrills and suspense for a dozen movies?In films as diverse as the cheesy action adventure Survival Quest (1989) or the bracing doc Touching the Void (2003), adventurous characters who heed the call of the wild are soon taught valuable lessons about the cruel indifference of nature. Pitted against obstacles ranging from churning rapids, smothering avalanches and craggy crevasses, and faced with unpredictable wildlife and dwindling food supply, the characters must rely on sheer muscle and smarts to survive.Though these narratives are harrowing, they also frequently provide “triumph of the human spirit” moments so crowd pleasing, the survival movie has grown to become a popular genre unto itself.

Overall, the Adidas Dame 4 really surprised me. However I felt that this shoe is still behind the times. If this tech was put into the Dame 3 instead, it might be able to reach the level of the Rose 7, Crazy Light and the first Crazy Explosive. The network has also served more than 2.5 billion minutes of videos in 2013 on YouTube alone. Besides YouTube, Nirvana Digital distributes content to the largest worldwide video platforms including HULU, Amazon VOD, Apple iTunes, mobile apps and devices. The company works with small, medium and large content creators to showcase their content through its channels and provides infrastructure such as studio space, green screens, HD cameras, editors and more to content creators..

What Other Courts Have Said: Lower federal courts have ruled against Proposition 8. However, the federal appeals court that heard the case before it headed to the Supreme Court ruled on narrow grounds, saying because California previously allowed same sex marriage, “Proposition 8’s only effect was to take away that important and legally significant designation.” The Supreme Court could similarly rule in a way that only applies to California or a handful of states. Or it could rule broadly on whether all gay couples have a right to marry..

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Yea, after 3 days of CrossFit in the last 6 days I already don feel like doing another “heavy” workout. Swimming sounds great. Used to love it, but I haven0t done it in years and it could be a good moment to give it a try again. The sweat wicking Dri FIT fabric, mesh. Fast delivery, and 24/7/365 real person service with a smile. Nike Dri FIT Essential Mens Running Tights bring you full length coverage with a tight, supportive fit.


There was only one other couple in the restaurant (Bosque Palmero on Carrer de Valencia if you ever get the chance to go to Barcelona Go here!) and the bartender/waitor didn speak any English. We got a bottle of the house red, an order of asparagus with mayonnaise (yes), and the seafood paella. The red wine came in an un labelled bottle, and it was cold and delicious.

By the time I wrote this, I not been to the gym in a week or two. I felt very guilty. It was almost spring again and I wanted to walk. Denne artikel har titlen “hvordan man ikke skal kbe brbar forsikring.” Hvad ville det vre tilrdeligt for dig at ikke gre? Prv ikke at g uforsikrede. Prv ikke at forlnge din pant indehaveren beskyttelse for at dkke din brbare computer. Hvad ville det vre en god id for dig at helt gre? F sikret af Laptop forsikring.

Ed Hardy has become that label which isn just the equaling to class and exquisiteness but has mark of difference as well . This clothing brand is basically brought into reality by Ed Hardy who once was a particularly famous tattoo artist and used to carve the tattoo designs on bodies. This turns out to be the major inspiration behind the creation of the clothing label, Ed Hardy.

In his one hour interview on BBC with Zane Lowe, he goes into detail about how he’s being blackballed by the fashion industry because he’s labeled as “just a rapper,” and his frustration with the situation is evident. In his interview with Sway, he described how he has tried going into fashion on his own, but how it was a losing game where he spent $13 million of his own money with no success. He called out Nike for trying to marginalize him, citing that despite seeing his Air Yeezy II’s selling for $90,000 they won’t take him seriously and give him royalties on new projects.

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Back to my swing path. My instructor told me the best way for someone who has played baseball is to imagine hitting the ball to the 2nd baseman. For those not familiar with Baseball, imagine a diamond oriented with one point at your golf ball and the other point aligned with your intended flight path.

Lee signed the Lease and the existing Tenant hasn’t vacated the premises still. Whenever the Premises gets ready, Landlord will clean it and notify Mr. Lee that he can now have the Premises for making any changes to design decor.. I heard people shout to the player who ‘won’ the penalty, Jesse Lingard, a number of things and these are as follows. ‘I hope your car explodes on the way home’ ‘Fg immigrant’ ‘I hope you die’ ‘Inbred ct’. I could go on and it was not isolated instances..

I’m definitely not about to go chasing waves the size that Greg and Albee ride. But watching these guys charge it at the Eddie made me want to step out of my comfort zone. Seeing the way they dealt with fear, and how they came in from their hour long heats just torn up and laughing, made me want to feel at least a little part of what they are feeling.

We run from death, we do everything we can to make ourselves younger, and to avoid that inevitable experience we will all have. Working for hospice allows me to become a part of an elder life, to bring my support to them when it may be needed most. I consider it a calling to bring more awareness of the normal reality of death.

Each year I try and write one novel, or novella, depending on the number of pages I put into the book. I have always loved writing since I was little, and I would get in trouble for writing at recess when I was a kid, but that never stopped me. When an idea strikes when that happens to you get up and write.

In case you been living in an alternate universe and wondering what the VF is all about, this short RunnersWorld video sums it up nicely. With that much hype and marketing power channeled into the product, the US$250 shoes are pretty much sold out the instant they hit the online stores. They were not even available in this part of the world until a full 6 months after Kipchoge and his Posse of Extraordinary Marathoners took a tour around the Monza track.

On the other hand, all three players have reportedly agreed to sign for just one year each and on cheap deals at that, particularly in the cases of Stephenson and McGee, so Los Angeles hasn’t made major investments and is keeping roster flexibility for next summer’s free agent crop. Rondo could also be an excellent tutor for Lonzo Ball, last year’s No. 2 draft pick who shares many of the veteran’s traits, including slick passing skills and an alarming inability to shoot well..

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Procter and Gamble has recently placed increasing emphasis on getting close to market technology from its partners but using its channel strength and marketing expertise to ensure the greatest impact in the marketplace. Its Mr Clean Magic Eraser is based on a technology developed by BASF, the German chemicals company. While honouring BASF, P V P of Purchasing Rick Hughes said: “P is at our best when we have fostered relationships with our external business partners that enable collaboration in achieving our mutual goals, addressing challenges and delivering ongoing innovation.”.

The company even goes as far as if it rips or gets destroyed in any way, they will replace the product no problem. With all this in mind, I now have troubles wearing jeans on a regular basis because its not the same feeling. Maybe that is food for thought for the brand jeans???.

Drastic changes are happening anytime on the fashion industry. Referring to the most basic reason, the transformation on people s appreciation tastes definitely attracts most people s attention. In today s era, stronger desire for elegance and luxury is detected on most people.

Comfort zones are meant to adapt to your surroundings so that when you try something new you won’t get scared or discouraged. Your mind is telling you that it is okay to do something out of your comfort zone, and when your mind is telling you that it is okay then it must be okay. Limitless things can happen when you adapt to a new comfort zone, this is because comfort zones are meant to be tested and changed around in order to fit your lifestyle at the time.

Kelty BackpacksKelty backpacks are made to be sturdy and come in a wide range of models and categories. If you are just looking for a day pack style or up to a full military style of pack, Kelty has you covered. Department of Defense for armed services applications, the NAVSTAR GPS network consists of roughly 30 satellites orbiting the Globe and a collection of ground stations that monitor the satellites location in space and operational status and performance..

Maybe. But we also hear a lot from other fighters that he the most competitive guy they ever met. He obsessed with winning and he game as fuck. Un’attribuzione sofferta e non unanime, a met tra stupore e distacco, entusiasmo e indifferenza: il fronte dei pro e contro si spieg, com’era prevedibile, tra chi gridava alla sensazionale scoperta e al colpaccio messo a punto da un Assessorato ai Beni Culturali, che da decenni or sono continua a barcamenarsi e arrancare con scivoloni imperdonabili di stile e scelte strategiche, e chi, invece, parlava di “fumo di Londra” o meglio di clamorosa bufala, come la messinese Teresa Pugliatti, ordinaria di Storia dell’Arte moderna presso la facolt palermitana di Architettura, la quale non negava i suoi dubbi sulle pagine di “Repubblica” del 10 luglio 2003:Se fosse di Antonello da Messina, la cifra pagata dalla Regione sarebbe troppo poca. Ma siccome non di Antonello tutta una bufala. Abbiamo escluso da mesi, io e diversi altri storici dell’Arte, esperti di Antonello da Messina, che questo quadro appartenga al maestro.

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Having a small little boutique type shop in Boston or Cambridge might be a perfect fit. It would cater to several markets, penny farthing enthusiasts, steampunks, and mustache aficionados. It could be a physical location for Ridable Bicycle Replicas (they would be our supplier) bikes to be sold on the East coast.

“This is a Mexican Standoff. Four airlines with guns pointed at each other. Each is afraid to cut suddenly profitable routes because they fear another will backfill that route,” he wrote. One reason the ad struck many as bizarre and nonsensical is that Anheuser Busch InBev has been buying up craft beer brands left and right. We have an ad that essentially attacks brands the company has spent millions of dollars acquiring. Them sip their pumpkin peach ale, the ad copy read, in between clich images of mustachioed men in hipster glasses sniffing effete brews out of fancy glasses.

It is scientifically proven that it takes longer and harder for women to achieve orgasm than men. And thus, manyadult sexends up with the man having his orgasm while a woman is left unsatisfied. But fear not ladies, because today, we are giving youadult sextips to achieve your orgasm earlier.

If you write all your job description in the format of a paragraph, then it becomes difficult for the reader to find out the requirements and ultimately he becomes irritated. In such circumstances, the chances of your resume getting rejected is maximum. So instead of annoying the HR, you can make him happy by presenting your employment history in a professional manner.

“Yeah, we going to continue to evaluate that. That was something that we had felt good about,” McVay said. “There a lot of things that go into it, but just like anything else, we try to continue to create ways even though it a little bit more difficult when you get into the game planning phase and stuff like that of evaluating guys and feeling like, are the guys that give us the best ability to win games moving forward? Right now, that was the approach we took and that something that we always continue to monitor.”.

Was in a store not too long ago in a check out line and a toddler and his mother were in the next line. The toddler kept trying to stand up in the seat of the cart and reach over and play with the carousel that holds the plastic bags. His mother kept telling him to sit down but was caught up in paying for the groceries.

“To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happines away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels.

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People like Wiley is like Nas, DJ Kool Herc and whoeverr your best hiphop producer is rolled into one for Grime. Dizzee Rascal was hugely instrumental (with his album Boy In Da Corner) in propelling grime into the mainstream and defining the sound. Ruff Sqwad was a group (might heard of Tinchy Stryder, one of their members) that was also important they made a lot of the most well known grime beats that helped define the sound.

Pochettino’s team suffocated Arsenal, pinning them back in their own half for long periods and dominating territory.Centre backs Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen adopted aggressive starting positions close to the half way line as Spurs forced Arsenal to either turn the ball over in dangerous areas or kick it long. Like most coaches, Pochettino rarely divulges tactical specifics but he consistently speaks of hisdesire to ‘dominate’ the opponent. To take the initiative and play the game in their half, rather than waiting for them to take a forward step.Concerns about the size of the pitch might sound like baloney, but there is an extra 440 square metres of lush Wembley grass to defend than there was atWhite Hart Lane.

Tiffany is tall, lanky and partial to colorful head scarves, hip hugger jeans and Nike running shoes. Her easy smile and soft manner belie her past. She was a 14 year old runaway when she first started working as a prostitute on Eighth Avenue and 42nd..

Instead, they view their books as products and effectively combine their writing skills with proven Internet Marketing techniques to accomplish better results. This allows them to become an expert within a niche based upon their book’s theme. It isn’t a matter of well written material from an editor’s viewpoint.

Start with small risks and fears and as you overcome them move onto bigger things. There’s nothing you cannot do. Being confident in knowing that change can only help you grow, and boost your self confidence.. “We don’t try to distance ourselves from Harry Potter, but we are very distinctly not a Harry Potter club,” explains Lauren Fitzgibbon, the vice president of the team.That said, the game isn’t that much different from the make believe sport we all know so well. (Instead of brooms though, the UCLA team uses sticks.) There are four positions, starting with chasers. Their objective is to use a deflated volleyball (also known as a quaffle) and run it through one of three hoops on each side of the field.

However, because a vast number of people choose to follow what they are informed of by official sources, and amazingly, because yet more people haven’t even noticed what has happened to the skies, two camps have been formed there are the chemtrail believers and activists and the non believers and debunkers of the matter. One of the debunkers who is calling himself I actually know personally, and he has been posting messages all over the chemtrail sites on YouTube claiming that the trails are nothing more than “soda pop.” says that the trails are caused by humidity factors and that persistent contrails are not a new phenomena but that we see more because there is more air traffic. He asserts that there is nothing harmful being sprayed out of the planes and that people are becoming ill due to air pollution and other factors, including making themselves that way thinking about it.

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Internet is considered as a perfect place to buy comfortable and luxury braRich BellBuying The Most Comfortable Shoes For Pregnant WomenWomen’s Issues Articles February 4, 2016The period of pregnancy is very crucial for any mother. It is important to keep her comfortable all the time. That is why you should be careful while choosing Comfortable Shoes for Pregnant Women.Asuka JeongStylish and Comfortable Women UnderwearWomen’s Issues Articles February 21, 2011For any women, comfortable inner wear is a must.

Not only are there fewer public companies, they tend to be different. Recent years, corporations have become less numerous, less integrated, less concentrated and more ephemeral, and more constrained by their shareholders, Davis concluded. History, during the first decade of the 21stcentury.

She used to make me wash my hair every night and then blow dry it. She would then comb through my hair/head and if she THOUGHT she felt an “oily” spot, i would have to go take another shower, rinse and repeat. If i got to 3 showers and it still wasn’t good enough to her standards, she would wash my hair in the kitchen sink herself..

It marked the first time that Facebook quarterly revenue has surpassed $US5 billion ($7.12 billion) more than fading internet star Yahoo now generates in an entire year. Facebook earnings also more than doubled to $US1.56 billion ($2.22 billion), even as the Menlo Park, California, company invests heavily in virtual reality, internet access in remote parts of the world and a mobile ad network for services other its own.The performance lifted Facebook stock by $US6.78, or 7 per cent, to $US101.23 in extended trading after the report came out.Although Google remains three times larger by revenue, Facebook has been steadily closing the gap as it sells more mobile advertising on its addictive social networking app. And it just beginning to mine revenue from its trendy Instagram service and a rapidly expanding video library.

The substantial capacities of consumer data that is freely shared through social media enables Nike to build closer relationships with customers, produce important insight to the brand, and lead to increased innovative products. Another way Nike captures data is through the usage of Nike Plus. Users provide Nike with detailed personal information about their physical workouts which Nike in return uses to make consumers lives better.

If you want to get the most out of your limo ride experience, you will want the best. This will include entertainment packages, beverages and a nice updated interior. Although this may not seem important now, you will not believe what a difference it makes.

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Buying men’s leather shoes online is now much easier than ever, because there are many popular virtual stores devoted to this, which lets their customers to buy good quality men’s shoes, frequently at a part of the prices found in the local stores. Online purchasing has become one of the easiest ways to get leather shoes for men but you should still choose carefully to get the perfect and designer shoes you want to have. With some easy guidelines below, you will learn to buy these delightful products in a simple and safe way..

Britain got a new Prime Minister Theresa May. The former home secretary took over from David Cameron, who announced he was resigning on the day he lost the referendum. She became PM without facing a full Conservative leadership contest after her key rivals from what had been the Leave side pulled out..

Lauren created a wardrobe for those who had achieved the American dream. And that wardrobe with its Polo shirts, gray flannel trousers, turtleneck evening gowns, beaten up leather jackets became classic because the dream didn’t change from one season to the next. It remained the same from generation to generation..

It not that he never done that before, but rather the fact that the last time he did that was probably 30+ years ago. When his approach shots were dead at the flag, which wasn that often, they were either a club too short or two clubs long. His putting wasn great, but then again it tough to get anything going when you faced with 10 footers to save par on every other hole.

If Meyer had departed Wednesday or when he departs someday, Heldman said: “Ohio State will always be bigger than one coach. If the worst happened to Urban Meyer and he would have been let go someday, he’s going to resign or he’s going to retire. Does that mean Ohio State football is going to fall off the face of the earth? Absolutely not.”.

But others, including the Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen, say Turner, who was a top swimmer at Stanford, got off easy when he was sentenced to six months in county jail and three years’ probation. Turner was convicted in March on three felony counts. Prosecutors had sought a sentence of six years in prison..

When my personal Bolt was delivered to me it had 64 miles of range on it and it freaked me out. I don have a home charger or even an external outlet on my house so I drove downtown for dinner hoping a charging spot would be available. There wasn one but I made it to work (36 mile commute mostly highway 70+mph) just fine.

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Lee Westwood Is Top In Golf But Not In America. Do you want to be the next Westwood? There another inclination among average golfers to try and get rid of the ball every single shot. Laid off the gas every now and then! Quit to out hit your pals and opt for 80 % energy rather.

One of the reasons many women want to be able to work out during pregnancy is to control their weight. “While you do want to gain an appropriate amount of weight during your pregnancy, women who exercise are likely to gain less weight while still staying within the healthy weight gain range,” says Dr. Landry.

Now for any of the new kits that I have not covered yet, I either do not have a nice look at the font or the back of the jersey or they are European (and even I am getting bored of that). So, let look at a few more jerseys from 2016 17. You want me to go exotic? Well, how about one of the newcomers to the World Cup (but not this blog)?.

Crazy ShoesIn 1360 men’s shoes began to sprout pointed toes. As the style gained popularity, the length of the point increased. Called Crackowes or poulaines, the style so infuriated the higher echelon that laws were enacted to regulate the length of the point.

‘My cousin’s wife groomed me for sex when I was aged 13 why will no one lock her up?’Police arrested Amber Hales for sexual activity with a child after her alleged victim Joshua Jeffrey complained to them last yearA mum who had a baby by her partner’s schoolboy cousin has escaped trial because prosecutors ruled a court case was not in the public interest.Police arrested Amber Hales for sexual activity with a child after her alleged victim Joshua Jeffrey complained to them last year.He told officers she groomed him for sex behind her boyfriend Andrew Jeffrey’s back after he moved in with them aged 13 seven years ago.Joshua claims Hales took him into her bed after forcing his unsuspecting older cousin out of the house but 18 months later she showed Joshua the door too when she found she was expecting his child.In an astonishing twist, Hales, now 29, then successfully begged Andrew the father of her two youngdaughters to take her back.He claims she told him her was the result of a one night stand with a stranger and he accepted it.For years Joshua who had no idea he was the dad of her third daughter kept what happened with Hales to himself.Then he heard she and Andrew had split again after having a fourth baby girl and feared Hales would be alone with the children.Joshua, now 21, says: “I heard Amber was trying to get the kids to live with her and something just clickedinside me.”At that point I had to speak out. I had kept it bottled up for a long time but I had to do it. I felt disgusted about the fact I let her do that to me.”But I am grown up now and I owed it to those kids to let someone know what she did to me.”But Joshua’s biggest shock came after plucking up the courage to tell the police.He says: “I didn’t even know I was a dad until they did a DNA test on the baby Amber was pregnant with when we split.”It’s a nightmare unfolding for me, Andrew and the whole family.”I went off the rails after the abuse and have been in trouble for petty crime.